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"During 2023, 100% of our diagnostic reviews for the Transportation Industry revealed missed savings due to underutilization of available credits and exemptions."
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"Navigate the complex landscape of excise tax exemptions with American Examiners. Our expertise uncovers often overlooked opportunities, potentially saving your business significant cost. There is no fee to discuss your opportunities."

American Examiners provides a full scope of state and federal excise tax services to a broad range of industries. These services are designed to, identify underutilized credits, identify underpayments and overpayments, and assist in the required registration process. We then perform the necessary work to maximize our Clients tax position while helping ensure accurate future compliance. Over the years we have developed some very advantageous excise tax positions for the benefit of our clients.

If you operate a transportation for hire or common carrier business there are often many missed opportunities for tax savings. This also applies to those companies that have established a transportation company because of their large service fleet. The application of excise credits and exemptions varies from state to state with some states requiring prequalification or registration in order to utilize the exemptions. Refunds for past periods on State excise exemptions can vary from six months to four years. American Examiners has the experience and knowledge to optimize your excise taxes.